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I am a highly motivated multi-media leader with strategic vision, strong creative eye, organizational skills, & analytic mindset. I thrive in fast-paced, ever-changing environments. I know... how and when to delegate responsibility -- and when I need to stay in the background.

As a digital junkie, I get fired up (in a good way) by conversations about ways brands are brought to life in digital environments, whether or not I have any personal link to the brands in question.

My superior organizational skills allow me to stay on top of many projects and activities at the same time. I know how to manage a budget and build great relationships with the IT team and marketing counterparts, and understand that my functional area straddles the lines between Sales, Marketing, and IT.

I have a customer service-oriented mindset. I'm not afraid to take initiative and run with projects with varying levels of direction. I've got some serious digital chops and can clearly identify and articulate the differences between truly great work and everything else.

OK, maybe that was a lot about me, but you must know I'm passionate about creating greatness and infect those around me with my positive attitude and drive.

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